Small Business Program

Our mission at the Kansas City National Security Campus is supported by a wide variety of qualified small, small disadvantaged, small women-owned, small HUBZone, small veteran-owned, and small service-disabled veteran-owned suppliers.

Our staff is involved in small business outreach in the Kansas City and Albuquerque communities as well as regionally and nationally.  We seek out small businesses that provide the goods and services we are looking for, and connect them to the right people within our business.  See our small business outreach calendar to connect with us at our next event.

We engage and invest in our small business suppliers in a variety of ways including the DOE Mentor-Protégé Program, Supplier Lean Kaizen Events, hosting Small Business Supplier Symposiums, and through our extensive Supply Base Management purchased product teams, supplier development resources and training materials.

Our small business spend has increased significantly over the last 6 years in every socio-economic goal category, reflecting our commitment to providing small businesses the maximum practicable opportunity to participate in our procurement process.


Three workers in hard hats, looking at a feeder platform on a table saw

2021 Small Business Outreach Calendar

March 24, 2021HUBZone Open HouseKCNSCVirtual1-4:30PM
May 25, 2021Small Business ShowcaseGKC ChamberVirtual11:30 - 1:30PM
May 26, 2021Small Business ShowcaseGKC ChamberVirtual11:30 - 1:30PM





Historical Small Business Performance




Historical Small Business Performance




FY21 Small Business Goals 

FY2154% 5% 6% 3% 5.5% 3.75%