Customer Support

Password Resets

If you forget the password you set during registration and get an authentication failure. Please follow this process:

  1. On the Sign In  page is a link that says "Forgot Username or Password?" Click this link.
  2. When prompted enter your email address.
  3. You will receive an email with a link to begin the password reset process.
  4. Click the link in the email and, when prompted, answer the password hints selected during your initial registration.
  5. If you cannot answer the password hints correctly, or you exceed the number of attempts allowed (5), contact a password administrator to send the you a new password reset email.
  6. If you answer the password hints correctly, you can select a new password.
  7. If you select a new password and still cannot sign in, please make sure you are doing the following:
    • Typing the single-use code exactly, or copying from the email and pasting it into the field
    • Typing the password exactly as you entered it in the registration process. Most authentication failures are from incorrect password entry.
    • Using the single-use code before it expires. This code expires in 4 minutes. It must be used within that time frame to avoid an authentication error.


Customer Support Contacts

Role Name Contact Information
Password Administrator

Meredith Warren

Mark Winsor

Jaime Shaw

Christine Sivulka

Susan Edwards

Michael Coffey

Meaghan Woodroof